Saturday, 24 March 2012

Community Arts Projects Help Rebuild Social Capital

Did you know that taking part in community art projects can be directly related to the economic success of a business community? Our experience of working with different communities has led us to understand that there are many ways in which corporates can help improve struggling communities in the urban situation. It is to a general advantage that there should be healthy collaborations with communities surrounding the corporate setup.

Engaging culturally with underprivileged and marginalized communities also helps corporate staff become better professionals, individuals and leaders.

The links between the economic health of a community and the quality of its social bonds are becoming increasingly clear. Robert Putnam and other sociologists have supplied convincing evidence that strong social connections are necessary ingredients of economic success.

It has been found that communities that engaged in collective creative efforts developed their social capital by cooperating, sharing, and seeking and finding shared goals by developing ties on a cultural level. These connections serve these communities well in their other endeavors–from economic development to civic participation to healthy living.

Including young people as meaningful contributors in the social and economic aspects of community building must not be overlooked and cannot be left to schools and parents alone.

Within the arts, there is a vital yet lesser-known field of practice that strives to develop cultural understanding and civic engagement. Community-based arts practitioners bring members of a community together to solve problems, build relationships, and get involved in ways that rebuild social capital.

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